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ECT VAT Services

VAT Services for the NHS

ECT VAT Services

ECT VAT Services

ECT VAT Services

ECT VAT Services

About Us

ECT VAT Services have been providing an exceptional service to organisations across the UK since 2002 via our highly skilled and friendly professionals.


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History of ECT VAT Services Limited:

Our VAT Office is situated in Stourbridge, West Midlands; this is an ideal location due to being central to motorway networks.

ECT VAT Services became a Limited company in November 2002 and have been a major supplier of expert and professional VAT advice to the Public and Private Sectors.

All staff have at least 14 years experience dealing with NHS and Government Organisations on all VAT issues.

Our services extend to organisations such as the NHS, Charities, Education and the Private Sector all benefiting from VAT planning and Input VAT recovery. 
We only provide VAT services to these specialist markets and pride ourselves on our quality and cost effectiveness.

ECT VAT Services is known to all sectors, there is now a concerted effort to introduce our expertise to the wider market.

Clients have signed contracts due to the savings that can be identified through both our VAT reviews and our competitive fees.

All our staff are extremely professional and are dedicated to providing you with the VAT Services you require. 

Our proposals are designed not only to maximise the Trust’s input VAT recovery, but to ensure that the fees paid constitute a further saving.